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   Recently there has been some disturbing news out of Ann Arbor, Michigan lately about a person spraying mouse poison on prepared food bars in several grocery stores. This got me thinking about the things we buy at the grocery store, especially the open items such as the fruits and vegetables bins, and how easily it would be to contaminate them.
Veggie Tables
    Fruits and Vegetables are a big part of your pet birds healthy diet, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables are best. Fruits like apples, pears, peaches, and grapes; vegetables like broccoli, Cucumbers, zucchini, and sprouts are a common staple food but these foods can have hidden dangers for humans and birds. Fruits and vegetables can harbor natural born fungi, bacteria, and parasites as well as unnatural contamination from processing, shipping, handling, and even intentional acts. These contaminates can cause sickness in humans and can be deadly for birds.
    The USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) recommends cleaning produce under  running water prior to cooking or eating. There are several commercially made produce cleaners on the market that claim to eliminate contaminates. Some social media posts have even suggested the use of a vinegar and water mixture is a safe way to clean produce. I am no scientist so I will leave it up to you to do your research and find the best way for you, more important is to make sure your produce is as clean as possible before including it in your birds diet.
    Here is a website that does a great job of listing safe and unsafe produce for your birds;
Here is the link for the USDA recommendations on washing product;
As always, make sure you discuss your individual parrot's needs with a certified avian vet because a safe bird is a happy bird!
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-- Jennifer & Jason D'Angelo
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  • As a Vegan without any pets, I constantly see neglected children coughing and sneezing in the grocery store while throwing vegetables (or rolling them on the floor) and fruits at each other. The parents could care less, not teaching these little people any respect or manners. I usually when I come in after shopping rinse everything in both water and a next (2nd) vinegar% & water soak. Also some of these veggies have been covered in wax? Not sure how that impacts your feathered friends digestion? Some store I will not go back to. Some vegs like tomatoes are picked green then ripened using a gas to turn them red. GMO’s are another worry for birds as they sterilize males.

    Steve on

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