With Bird Toys, Size Really Does Matter

At Talon Toys we categorize our toy sizes into four main groups, Small, medium large, and extra-large. This is pretty much an industry standard and helps to easily identify appropriate toy sizes for your birds.

Toy size is very important. If the toy is too small, it could pose a choking risk for your bird. It will also be easily destroyed in a matter of minutes, leaving him or her with a sense of dissatisfaction and you with an empty pocket book. If the toy is too big, it can pose an entanglement hazard for smaller birds.

Although it is very tempting to purchase a smaller, less expensive toy for your bird the long term cost will greatly outweigh the short term savings. Ensuring your bird has the most appropriate toy will not only be a safer choice for your bird but will also save you money.

Our SMALL bird toys are made with the smallest birds in mind. Think cockatiel, lovebird, budgie, caciques, parakites, and conures.

Our MEDIUM size bird toys are great for medium sized birds such as mini macaws, small cockatoos, young congo and timneh african greys, large conures and the like.

Our LARGE bird toys are a perfect fit for larger birds, adult congo and timneh African greys, eclectus, amazons, hawk heads, cockatoos, and small macaws.

The EXTRA-LARGE size is reserved for the heaviest chewers and are made to last for large cockatoos, (umbrella, moluccan), large macaws (blue & gold, green wing), large amazons, destructive african greys.

Sometimes toy sizes can be individualized. For instance, if your small cockatoo is an above average chewer then a medium toy may not be the best option, maybe a large toy would suit his or her personality better. Only you know your bird and at the end of the day it is up to you to decide the most appropriate size toy for your feathered friend.

If you need help or advice on choosing the right size toy for your bird, please contact us. We will be more than happy to help you.

From our flock to yours,

Jennifer & Jason D’Angelo

Parronts and Owners of Talon Toys.

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