We are a family of pet bird owners who became unhappy with the selection of bird toys at the pet shop. They are of sub-par quality, unsafe, and way over priced! We decided to use our knowledge of bird safety to make a better bird toy… and now we offer that dedication to quality and safety to your pet birds.

We use all certified bird safe materials including FDA approved food based coloring, non-toxic wood, 100% American grown cotton rope, vegetable tanned leather and zinc-free hardware, all made by hand with love.

In order to preserve the safety and quality standards we hold so high, and to help eliminate the possibility of transferring avian illnesses, we cannot accept returns. If you have issues with manufacturing defects or quality please contact us.

All of our toys have been designed and handcrafted with your bird’s safety a priority. As with any bird toy we recommend human supervision.

Our products are guaranteed against manufacturer defects. Talon Toys is not responsible for any mishaps that may be caused by normal, intended, and supervised use of our products.

Talon Toys makes handcrafted safe parrot toys, they are amazing in value and tested by our own flock! We only use safe materials! Did you know that most chains are not welded on store bought parrot toys? This can cause risk to your beloved friends!

Did you know that most pet stores sell toys that are on unsafe metals used for clips and chains? We use only safe plastic and stainless steel!

Do you love parrots? Do you want to make a difference? Please donate to the Lily Sanctuary!

Right now if you donate a toy to the Lily Sanctuary we will match your donation!!!! Non- profit organizations run on donations, and toys for parrots are a necessity not a treat! Wood is important to keep there beaks healthy, or to keep pluckers stimulated! Your donation will be hand delivered to the Lily Sanctuary! And Talon Toys will post pictures of your generosity on their webpage. Use coupon code Lilyship for free shipping on donations to The Lily Sanctuary.


Shipping rates have been set up to give you the best prices available and include US Postal First Class 3-4 days and UPS Ground service. If you would like a different option, please contact us.


Thank you,

Jennifer and Jason D'Angelo and all our feathered fids!